Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Y'all Bout To Get Replaced, Check The Name

It's been a hot minute y'all. And When I say HOT minute, I mean it. 100+ every day this week in Austin.

But speaking of heat, I'm gettin flashes every time I hear some new shit from these Dudes.

THE REPLACEMENTZ. Learn the name. With a Z. Apparently they've been doin shit under Stat Quo.

Here's What I know about 'Em:

They started off producing in thier dorms at college in ATL. One of them is from Chicago and the other from Hotlanta via Gainsville GA. They did Scrappys most recent cut, "Pop Off".

Other than this, I'm tryin to figure it out, but dudes are hot. I dropped the first song I had on y'all ahwile back, "Let's Go". If you didn't grab it, you missed out.

BUT: Check this page out for a few tracks.

Y'all need to peep before it becomes a problem.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Pop Your Trunk For Fat Pats Death....

Ok, So..... In the time since the last post, I have:
Gotten a Job.
Moved Out.
Gotten a Cell phone ( You don't know how long its been... )
Gotten Arrested for driving w/ a liscense suspended. ( Day after I get out of jail, I get a notice in the mail. ASSholes! )
Got Fired.
So needless to say, I've been busy. I'm glad to say that in that time, a lot of music has come through my hands that y'all need to peep.
This track right here is siiiiiiick. You prolly know the name from "You're gonna love me" from awhile back. And they know how to do a damn sample. Bananas.

Da BackWudz - I Don't Like The Look Of It

This is single handedly the best jam to bump while thoed off. This is my personal PublicScrewAnnouncment.

Popping Exstacy C&S

I don't know anything about these guys other than they make heat. If anyone can help me as to where I got this or who these fools are, holla for a dolla!

The Replacements - Let's Go

I got this track from The New South Movement Board, from Xstacy I believe, but either way, rare ass snippets from Paul Wilikin himself. Can't wait for the album.

Paul Wall - Rare

Aight y'all, I'm bouncin on it.

Oh, and as Bun would say, "I'm DipSet Affiliated, Hate it or Love it."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

H-Town Commandments!!

Disclaimer: Not mine, but a good read anyway! Props to XSTAC on Gritboy's message board for this shit!!

Me:Whats been up with you lately?
Lew Hawk: Lately I been getting my cash on. Since 2003 when I got out of jail, 6 months later I was just going around with P wall. I had about 10 grand, I been getting my money and not rap money I jus been getting my money steady.
Me: For people who haven’t heard from you in a while, what’s your lifestyle been like? Have you been productive? Has their been downsides?
Lew Hawk: Pretty much, what’s going on right now man, I got the CD 600 Grams I put together, and then I got my new CD im working on. It’s untitled right now, but it’s going to be me, Paul Wall, Foul mouth, my homeboy Wayne, my dog Cool C and I will probably get Mike Jones on there. He asked me to get on the last mix tape. I don’t really have much time to record but im always getting my hustle on. I jus bought my second set of dubs in January of 05 they Lowenharts, if anyone know about Lowneharts, you know they run 5Gs for rims and tires. I got a 2003 Buick im about to candy paint that hoe. I got 3 12s with no tint and leather seat. You can see me on Antoine all the time grippin’ wood grain, for real.. I still touch basis with P Wall, that’s solid. That aint gone change.
Me: What was it like working with the old Color Changing Click crew, personally from your perspective?
Lew Hawk: I know a lot of people say that Cham and Paul don’t get along. Well, it’s deeper then that. We been not getting along. Me and Paul used to always be together. When we would go to the mall, we would go one way while they'd go the other way. While we were hollerin at hoes, they would be doing their thing. A lot of people think this so called plex is new but it was more like individual brothers torn apart. Me and Hakeem used to lift weights together, id got to his pad all the time and we'd lift weights. We used to go to he club all the time together buying drinks together. Whenever I was with Chamillion, it was straight. When I was with Paul we were straight. But when all of us were together, it was a huge problem. Too many egos in one SUV. I can say there was always animosity, but it wasn’t full blown to the extent that it is now. I think its more hype behind it than anything. When we used to go out of town, me and Paul would be in his ride, while 50/50 and Cham would be in the Expedition with Cat. Me: What about working with them from a musician standpoint?
Lew Hawk: Well, the Lizard Man, he was always real talented and whatnot. He used to do a lot of one takes, but he would always be trippin’ when it was my turn to get into the booth. He used to act like a broad a lot. Always getting on my case. I didn’t know if he wanted me to improve as an artist or what, but that was pretty much his attitude. With 50/50 he used to be real laid back he always was cracking jokes. Everybody was there for a rap basis, but it was more like we would be having fun. I can honestly say it was always fun, for real. 50/50 used to do a lot of one takes too. He would always have some hard verses. It was just us 4 back then, with no other people around back then. Paul Wall, his name the Peoples Champ really fits. When I first met him he was like a fresh to death white boy. I’m not going to say I made him, but we ran together for so long he got on G. Back in the gap my main focus was kicking down hoes man. Imma be honest with ya. We used to go to TSU, U of H, and Prairie View. We some legends on the campuses. I mainly used to be 1 deep at PV selling Swisha House CDs.
Me: What about Yung Ro?
Lew Hawk: Yung Ro was a cool nigga. I got a lot of stuff recorded that a lot of people haven’t heard. Yung Ro was the first person who really jus let me go to his house and vent. I remember I did that In The Club flow at Yung Ro’s house. But, for the record I done got cold then a bitch now. That’s the truth.
Me: How you living right now? Hows the crib looking?
Lew Hawk: Hate it or love it the underdogs on top. I got tired of going to 24 hour fitness, so I brought 24 hour fitness to me. I got me a big body $700 treadmill in the corner where the dinner table supposed to be. I got a hundred gallon fish tank in my room. 46 inch high definition Sony flat screen I just copped from Circuit City and I got the weights up there so im chunkin’ that iron from time to time. I got a big black Scarface chair with this big bad azz computer set with DSL. LOL... I pretty much learned from my friends and Cham that hustle, was getting your money is important. I can say that… Most of the time I exercise. I pretty anti-social when it comes to people. But my pad, I been had it about a year and 6 months. Its gangsta to death tho. I don’t really want to talk too much about where I lay my head at, it is what it is.
Me: What’s your take on the beef with Lil Flip and Slim Thug?
Lew Hawk: I don’t know Lil Flip. I seen him a hundred times, but I don’t know him. Slim Thug, he aright with me. We’ve been cool since Eisenhower. Do I talk to him at all? No, but he straight. I think they both from Houston, they need to squash what’s going on between them. But I can’t speak too much on that, cuz it aint really my business.
Me: With you and Paul being running mates. I know you heard some of the album how it sound? ::No joke, As I asked this Paul called on the cell phone, so I got them both being interviewed at the same time::
Lew Hawk: It’s crazy. I’m not saying that from a biased point of view cuz im a harsh critic. I’m saying that cuz he’s solid in the booth now. He got that hard. He got a song with Freeway, that’s bananas. I heard some of the stuff he did with Lil Wayne that’s fire.
Me: Since you on the line Paul, what you got new?
Paul Wall: I just added two songs "Sippin The Barre" and "Boyz Talkin Down" with Slim Thug. I know everybody can see me in the magazine. I’m modeling for Reebok. I’m killing them with that Reebok pose.
Lew hawk: Paul Wall the 2nd psycho Reebok done gave a deal to.
Me: How did you and Paul Wall originally meet? Theres so many rumors bout that?
Lew Hawk: We met up at a company called Gallupose. That’s when the Lizard Man used to come up to me rapping. I used to tell him to move on with that ha. Ironic huh? He doing real good for himself. When we was at Gallapose. I always used to be sippin on vodka. I used to be on the phone talking to hoes in different cities. We had a cool manager so he aint really trip. That’s back when P. Wall used to be camouflage down with Reeboks. He wasn’t no square he was straight. Me myself, I had a different demeanor then. Starched down in Dockers with polo boots on.
Me: How was it performing in crowds of people? How did yall handle the pressure?
Lew Hawk: When you perform in front of crowds it is overwhelming. I didn’t give a fuck though because I was always real down to earth. Its crazy, before you get on stage they act like they don’t know you. But once you get off that stage, they pullin at ya clothes ready to go back to the hotel and suck you up.
Me: I know a lot of people think you probably wasn’t a Swisha House member? What you got to say about that?
Lew Hawk: Ask Mike Wattz, ask Paul Wall, ask Slim Thug, ask T Farris, Ask Mike Jones. Hell yeah he was, that’s what they would say. But me, I felt like it was more like a Roc a Fella / Dip Set thing. Swisha House was Roc a Fella and the people I was running with was like Dip Set. So you know, it was kind of like I can’t lie and say I was part of Roc a Fella, but I was affiliated in that aspect. As far as Swisha House is concerned. I’m really trying to get used to having money come in. I’m really getting my mind set other than rapping. But im trying to get my mind set on P wall going 3 or 4 times platinum.
Me: What’s the issue with you and Rasaq?
Lew Hawk: What issue? I aint got no issues. Oh yeah. I do got issues.. So far as trying to maintain and stay focused. Cuz when I was younger I used to think everything was a game. I never really focused on longevity or having a career that would allow me to secure my future. I was always in it for the minute. Now, im starting to come into my own. The biggest conflict we had, that I can see clearly now, is that growth finally kicked in. With all four of us, we not followers we all leaders. I’m not a follower. Paul wall not a follower Cham aint a follower. Imma be honest, I was the one who aint really have money at the time. I was selling my zones at first, when I thought that was fly. Then I stopped completely and started to spit with them all the time. I never took the shit seriously. I didn’t look at it as failure or success, more like a learning experience. I looked at being locked up like graduating college. But in real life though, Life Class 101. So, yeah I can pretty much see where that’s going.
Me: So what you got planned for the future?
Lew Hawk: I plan on going back to school. I’m going to major in business management. I got 2 of my felonies dropped to class D misdemeanor. 1 of them been expunded from my record. My friend’s aunt is a high profile lawyer. When you out here doing dirt, you need a good lawyer. I say the biggest way ive changed I say would be that I read a lot more now. I done fucked so many hoes, I know within the last 6 months I fucked me about 14 hoes on my resume. I don’t read no novels, but I read the dictionary quite a bit believe it or not. I listen to NAS, Mos Def. I try to educate myself a lot more. I realize that the more u education you get, the more serious you get. The more you want to grow as a person, the more people want to respect you, ya feel me? Squash that lets talk about my closet though! LOL... I got bout 20 jerseys, they all authentic too. I got one of them personally from Kenyon Martin. I got a gang of air force ones, Reeboks. Switched my grill up like 2 times in the last 6 months. I got a 3600 dollar guess watch for my birthday. I can’t say who for political reasons. But I can say this, I got a homeboy that raps for Swisha House that be talking to Fantasia. She got us a hook up for like 50% off. So it came out to like 2 grand. P. Wall got a house, and im tryna get one right up the street. We working on the paperwork. Dude told me since my credit was bad, that I would need like $8,000 to move in and my mortgage rate would be anywhere from 7.9 percent to 9.3 percent. It’s like 4 bedrooms, its straight.
Me: Who do you think is a better DJ Ron C or Mike Wattz?
Lew Hawk: Ron C, he cool peoples. But me and Mike Wattz be at Club Onyx on Sundays taking drinks back to back. Everybody know how that club Onyx is on Sunday. Maybe we need to get two turntables set up in the Toyota center and let them go at it with a crowd of 40,000.
Me: What do you think the buzz that Killa Kyleon has?
Lew Hawk: Hmm… Killa Kyleon… one word, “KILLA!”
Me: What are your thoughts on that Mike Jones and Cham "beef"?
Lew Hawk: Mike Jones and Chamillion. Well, I really aint pay too much attention to that. I just know if it got something to do with the Peoples Champ, we got a muthafuckin’ problem. Mike Jones, he new off the block. He new on the music scene but he doing a hell of a job now. I know he got his Ice age thing working for him or whatever.
Me: What do you think about Paul Walls Sititn sidewayz single and Chams Turn It Up?
Lew Hawk: You might think im bullshiitng, but I haven’t heard Chamillions new single. Paul Walls single, it was aight.
Me: Who are some of your favorite rappers?
Lew Hawk: This list is excusing 2pac and Biggie because they both did it. Jay Z of course. Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Beanie Siegel when he being himself and really spitting heat, T.I. Lloyd Banks, Shyne.
Me: What are some artists you’d like to work with?
Lew Hawk: First, if he wasn’t in jail, Turk. I like the way he does his hooks. Go back and listen to that Soldier Rag, he got a fire hook on there. Juvenile of course, he gets shit poppin’ Definitely Soulja Slim. He be speaking from actually living through the stuff he rap about. You got a lot of rappers who are tight, but haven’t been through what they rap about. Not to discredit them, but you ask who id like to work with, Soulja slim. I couldn’t see myself working with anyone I couldn’t hang with. I learned from that already. I like Soulja Slim CD, I be jamming the fuck out that hoe. I’d do a song with Mike Jones because I remember when I used to sell cd’s at PV, he asked me how he could meet Mike Wattz, isn’t that ironic? I already did a song with Slim Thug Before Da Kappa 2k1, that hoe a classic. Trick daddy. I just feel like a lot of people are suspect, the worst thing in the world you can do, is mix real with fake. If you mix real with fake, somebody going to get their head busted.
Me: What are some of your thoughts on the screwed & chopped controversy?
Lew Hawk: Well, DJ Screw, he the Don. Whatever DJ Screw used to do mix tapes, he used to put you in a zone. Compare DJ Screw to other DJ’s is like comparing Michael Jordan to like Allen Houston. They good basketball players, but one of them Michael Jordan… that can’t be emulated. DJ Screw, he was real. He wasn’t jus say like some coward guy making music... he was down with the respected thugs on the Southside, so he had more pull with the people. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t take anything from other DJs like Mike Wattz and Ron C but you know, Screws music was just superior.
Me: Being a member of the old click, maybe you can clear up this rumor. People are saying there were altercations with Yung Ro and Paul wall?
Lew Hawk: Naw, it was misdemeanor. Nothing serious at all. Just a couple people expressing their thoughts. People like to hype things up. If you were there first hand you wouldn’t think anything of it.
Me: Have you heard Slim Thugs new album? What you think about that one?
Lew Hawk: Yeah I got that. I like that song ‘The Interview’ where he got that survey going on, he killing them with that, that’s the Slim Thug I know. That Boyz N blue with all of his crew on there, that’s hot. And I def, like the fact of getting my own money knowing I can go to the bank and get 2-3 G’s, that’s a dream come true. Well homie, imma go ahead and give you my 10 commandments and end this conversation.

  • Rule #1 - Always stay prayed up.
  • Rule #2 – Find who you are as a person, don’t try to put on a front for nobody. It will backfire.
  • Rule #3 – Live is about survival of the fittest and learning how to get it in the clutch.
  • Rule #4 – Don’t let nobody play you for weak; don’t let nobody step on ya toes. Keep your good boxing game and a good lawyer. In other words don’t take no shit. Try to politic if you can, if push comes to shove do what you got to do.
  • Rule #5 – Work hard but don’t over work yourself. Don’t work too fast don’t work too slow, you’ll fall behind. Don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream.
  • Rule #6 – Don’t ever feel like you know too much. Always try to educate yourself. Try to listen more then you talk. Whether you realize it or not, you in school everyday. From the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep.
  • Rule #7 – Have respect for people. No matter if they gangsta, square. Have respect for everybody it goes a long way. You could be cocky in your own right, but have respect for people and they’re opinions.
  • Rule #8 – Get you some self esteem, because a clown with no self esteem, he really got his work cut out for him.
  • Rule #9 – Keep you a box full of rubbers. Everybody using condoms, but these babies popping up everywhere chunkin' the deuce.
  • Rule #10 – Focus on you, and your money. Focus on counting your money that way you wont have time to be counting the next mans money. Stay out the next mans business, and get ya own business. Do not dickride, this is a no-no. Get ya cash up.

Lew Heazy… Baby!!!!

With that shit said....

Koopa - You Gotta Love Me

Just found somethin that I had to give to y'all. Finally got The Truth mixtape and I haven't stopped it since. I loved Da Vack Wudz version of this track, but damn, Cham kills it!!!!! PLUS, LOOK AT THE MAN'S CHAIN GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Whole Lotta Nothing For Your Pleasure....

Una Palabra


A word says nothing
And at the same time it hides everything
Just as the wind that hides the water
Like the earth that hides the flowers
A look says nothing
And at the same time it says everything
Like the rain on your face
Or an old map; a treasure
A truth says nothing
And at the same time it hides everything
Like a bonfire that can’t be extinguished
Like a stone that is born of dust.
If one day I’m gone, I will be nothing
And at the same time I’ll be everything
Because in your eyes there are my wings
And the shore where I drown,
Because in your eyes are my wings
And the shore where I drown.

Y'all might know this shit from Man On Fire, a badass movie in it's own right. You may even know it from a smaller movie Power Keg. Either way, bring out the toilet paper, cause it's the shit. Also, I have some tracks y'all need to hear for the sake of humanity.

Cadence Weapon - 8 Ounces

Nomb ft. Anthony Hamilton - Carolina Pride

B.G. - Oh No

Pistol - Down Here (Still Tippin Remix)

Not sure how much of that ish is unheard of, but if it is to you, get it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The ANTI-Bandwagon Movement....

Just now I had an epiphany:

It has become 'cooler' to hate than to enjoy. Now, I think all of us are victim to this phenomenom at some point in our lives, but it has to be stopped. Too many people have gotten big and recieved hate because of it. It's almost as though if people know you're name, you've lost all credibility.

While the 'reasoning' for this can sometimes be founded properly ( I.E. Lil Flip was better as "The Freestyle King" than "Mr. Babygurl" ) it's just a damn shame when people do it without knowing the scoop. For every "Ass Like That" Em made, he made a "Infinite". Same holds true for Every other rapper that got on.

It's sad when you can name off artists this talented that get hate because they made it:

Slim Thug
Lil Flip

Too many people out in musicland hate because they can. Open your damn ears. I too know that each one of these guys made better music early on, and I gaurantee they DO TOO, but shit, grow up. It's not about you. It's about the 14 yr old girl in Maryland who likes TRL enough to buy the album she heard 9,00000 times on the radio. IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY, GET OVER IT.

As far as I'm concerned, my only problem is the overplay on the radio. I loved "Hate it or Love It" the first 20 times. I'll admit it wasn't up to par with "Be A Gentleman", but it's still good music.

I will say that Mike Jones sucks, and I'm hating, but fuck you, I was hating back in the day when he sucked in front of Magno ( MAGNO FOR MAYOR!! ). Mike Jones Sucks, and until he himself forgets his name.... I hope his tongue gets carpal tunnell from saying WHO repeatedly.

Magno on Dyke:

"Well, being real, we don't speak. We ain't on speaking terms by no means. We haven't spoke since a week after Mixtape Messiah dropped. And that ain't like us, 'cause we used to speak everyday. You know, on some real nigga shit, like, "What go dyne, mayne? What ya got going for the day?" type shit. But after our last conversation, which didn't even end on a bad note, he aint holla'd at me, and I ain't holla'd at him. It's like he just changed on me. "


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Don't You Black Or White Me !!

Total number of books I've owned:
I'd say about 200-250. I don't know, I've moved a lot, that's a close overestimate of the ones I have right now.

The last book I bought: The Da Vince Code

The last book I read: Catch 22 (I've read this book like 4 times, and each time it gets less boring.

Five books that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
Are You My Mother? ( Nobody fucks with that book, not even close )
Catch 22 ( Marks changes in my reading level )
Jeff Foxworthy's Auto Bio ( Some of the funniest shiest ever. )
1984 ( Didn't like the book, loved the idea, keeps you in a "Who will watch the Watcher?" ideal.
Me Talk Pretty One Day ( WHOA! )

Number of Films I own on DVD and video:
Um, like 4?

Last Film I Bought:

The Last Film I Watched:
People Vs. Larry Flynt ( Had much more of a message than I figured it would, Woody was great, but damn C. Love as a strung out junkie, Stretch? )

Five Films That I Watch A Lot:
Dazed And Confused
Billy Madison

If I could be any character in a movie:
Hmmm. Prolly Pink in Dazed And Confused

Total Volume of Music on My Computer: Well since my old comp died like a bitch I'm gonna add two together. About 7, 000 Songs.

Last CD I Bought. Blazing Saddles - Dj Baby G And Bavu Blakes

Song Currently Playing: Zay Ft. Trick Daddy - Thug So Long

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot:

Sublime - Garden Grove

Ruff Ryders - Down Bottom (ft. Drag-On and Juvenile)

Dirty ft. Bun B - Rolly Polly

Micheal Jackson - They Don't Care ( DJ Lt. Dan C&S )

Shouts To Dingle!

Friday, July 08, 2005

I Wish I Was A Baller...


To start off, I like to ramble about music, so bear with ya boy here.

Here is what I know about music (I think many things):

  • OutKast will forever remain the most intriguing group ever. Music/Hype/Style/Slang/Etc. WHATever.
  • U.G.K. is your favorite rappers best guest appearance, look it up.
  • The Toadies are easily the best rock group of the last 20 years
  • Music is just plain better when you're throwed.
  • Pimpadelic should have been groundbreaking, instead they're junkies for whatever they choose and they kicked out Dirty K to replaced him with 100 Proof ( Who, for those of you out of the loop, Sucks. )
  • Bavu Blakes has the talent to be Texas' Mos Def.
  • It Never Gets Old.

I have many other ideas, but those are for a rant in the future. All of the above you can take to the bank. Hopefully music never leaves me. I think I'm gonna keep doing this though, see if I can't share what I find with y'all. Eh>?